Sunday, April 26, 2015

Finally home

Just wanted to update and thank everyone for their prayers!

We were discharged on Sat night and were able to come HOME!! Josiah was so excited that he was waving and saying thank you all the way out of the hospital :)

He does still have some swelling so it sounds like he is snoring while he is awake but doing better. Slowly taking a few bites of food but still not wanting to eating much. The cookie in the picture was just for show, he wanted to show you what His Aunt Karen, Aunt Kathy and his Pa, brought him. He loved having them come visit. They also had some visitors in the hospital of his Aunt Rooney and Uncle Darrell, he showed more excitement when they were here and it was so sweet.

He was up a lot last night and we are still dealing with Pain management but he loves being home and actually wants to try to walk around and even tried to stand by himself (doesn't work to well). The more we are home the better he will be, it is just going to take some time.

So thankful for all the encouragement and prayers for our family and especially for our sweet boy. He is a trooper!  The Lord was in so many of the details of this I could make a really long post but I won't :)  I do want to share one story with ya'll..

Had to share... We needed a certain wheel chair to be able to bring Josiah home. All the equipment places are closed on the weekend and said they could bring it to our home on Monday. We really needed it most sooner than later. The Nurse said she would set it up for Monday but ended up getting it yesterday for our trip home. The nurse came in and was so shocked. She said that she had to hide it from the other patients because they would ask where their's was. She just kept saying " I have no idea how you got this, I am completely amazed, things like this don't just happen.. ya'll must be blessed"! ~Yes, indeed we are very blessed!!

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